4.4.0 Cop Skins

Police must use a skin that easily identifies the car as a Police car.
Skins must comply with TC cop skin regulations.

4.4.1 Visibility:

It should be highly visible so it can be recognised at a glance from a reasonable distance.

4.4.2 Livery

Main Livery should be based on at least one of a or b below:

4.4.2.a Traditional

It should have a solid base colour with large areas/panels of bodywork in a contrasting base colour and/or large stripes along the sides in contrasting/hi-vis colour(s).
Suitable base colours are dark colours such as Black, Navy Blue, Dark Green and very light colours such as White, Silver or pale chalk-pastel type colours. Colours such as Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple and Red are not reccommended as base colours as they have reduced contrast and can easily be mistaken for civillian/recovery vehicles. Yellow/Orange can be used for stripes if they contrast sufficiently with surrounding livery/base colour.

4.4.2.b Battenburg

If you wish to use a "Battenburg" style livery you must be aware of the following:
The colours of the battenburg itself must be Blue and Yellow. These colours are exclusively used by the Police around the world where battenburg liveries are deployed. Other colours/combinations are sometimes used by other emergency/non-emergency/recovery vehicles.
When using a battenburg livery, the base colour is less important than in 4.4.2.a, as the battenburg itself is usually sufficient for visibility.

4.4.3 "POLICE"

The word POLICE (or POLIZEI, POLITIE, POLITIA or similar) must be clearly visible on the front, back and sides of the vehicle in a clear font, in colours contrasting with the background.

4.4.4 Police Insignia

Police insignia such as police force badges/logos and lights can also be used to improve identification of the vehicle.

4.4.5 Other Insignia

Other insignia such as racing/team/advertising logos should be kept to a minimum as they often reduce visibility and can make the vehicle appear unprofessional.

TC Reserve the right to deny the use of any skin we feel is unsuitable.
Note: If you have doubts as to whether your skin qualifies please approach a TC member or post it in the Skin Approval sub-forum.

Real-World Examples

Here are a few examples of acceptable base liveries:
Please note, some will need modifying slightly to conform to the above, particularly 4.4.3
New Zealand
Germany 1
Germany 2