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[TC] CityDriving
Welcome to [TC] CityDriving. Established in 2006, [TC] was one of the first "cops 'n robbers" styled servers in Live For Speed. Over the years we have developed layouts that turn the tracks on Live For Speed into city styled roads and highways.
We currently run two servers, both holding different layouts. Every week or so we change the layout on one of the servers meaning that each of our current layouts are used for approximately two weeks at staggered intervals. This rotation means that driver skill plays a key role in the concept of [TC] CityDriving.
The names of our current servers are: [TC] CityDriving One & [TC] CityDriving Two. The CityDriving layout maps can be found here.
InSim is a method of communication between Live For Speed and third-party programs, adding features that are coded by a developer. Luckily we have such a person! Chuck, our InSim developer, is responsible for adding all of the features you see on our servers. If we refer to "Insim" or "Insim System" in this manual, we mean TC's own Insim-application. This application is responsible for those numbers and buttons on the screen and it processes Insim commands, which do usually start with a leading "!" character. Our first Insim operational server was launched 4th of August 2007.
User's Guide
Please take your time to read through this guide which will talk you through the in's and out's of how to play within our servers. We have covered pretty much everything you will need to know, however if you do find anything, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]
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