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These rules must be followed at all times.

Violations will cause you get kicked, banned, fined, restricted to a certain car or otherwise punished. We keep track of all violations and punishments, which means that repeated offenses will be punished more harsh next time.

Please note: Bans from one server automatically means that you are banned from all [TC] servers.


1. --- General Rules ---

1.1. Respect other players.

Do not harass or abuse other players. They may be new to the game and not know the track or customs - help them, do not insult them. Always be aware other drivers may act unpredictably.

1.2. Do not crash or ram other cars deliberately.

This includes negligent and reckless driving, provoking accidents, for example blocking the track, doing stunts or doughnuts on the road and so on.

1.3. Drive on the correct side of the road.

Driving on the wrong side is tolerated for short periods of time and as long nobody else gets disturbed or endangered. This includes the wrong usage of one-way roads. Crashes due to this will be treated as ramming.
Strictly forbidden on Autobahn-sections. (see Server Specific Rules)

1.4. Leaving track limits

Leaving track limits is tolerated to some extent, providing the general gameplay is not negatively affected and no other players get disturbed. Admins may restrict this to keep order on the server. Not allowed in chases at all. "Hillclimbing" is considered to be beyond track limits.

1.5. Stay away from chases.

Let suspects and cops pass and give them room for manoeuvring. Do not follow or overtake chases. If a chase gets closer, stay passive, slow down and wait until the situation is over. Do not help the suspect or the police.

1.6. Horns #4 and #5 (shift+h) are reserved as a siren for emergency vehicles.

- Horn #4 (bullhorn) and horn #5 (piercer)
- Slow siren (/siren=slow) and fast siren (/siren=fast)

1.7. Use proper language at all times.

Swearing, insults, racism, abuse and otherwise offensive language is not tolerated in our servers. Insulting gestures (ie "middle finger") or graphical characters will be treated like written in plain text. That includes the use of substitution characters in swearwords.
Please be advised that racism in particular is very harshly looked upon.
Note: The most serious swearwords are auto-fined by the system, but this is only a warning. You may still get banned in case of repeated violations.

1.8. Speak English in public chat at all times.

You may also use the built-in translator (!t <text to translate>) to translate into English.
You may speak any other language in private chats, for instance !local (local chat), !ch (channel-chat) or !pm (pm-system). See Insim manual for more info on those commands.

1.9. Do not use TC skins or skins with offensive material.

1.10. Do not exploit any bugs within LFS or InSim.

If you take notice of one, contact an administrator. Don't try to cheat or abuse the system.

1.11. Do not use any modifications that alter the physics of LFS (eg collision mesh, performance).

1.12. Stunts:

Stunts may only be performed in specific, designated areas, as long as their use doesn't cause a nuisance to other players. Allowable areas are off the road and listed in specific server rules.

1.12.1. Do not drift around roundabouts.

Drifting while passing through is tolerated, however rule 1.2 still applies.

1.12.2. Arab drifting (aka Tafheet (تفحيط) or Hajwalah) is only allowed in stunt-zones.

1.13. Caution signs:

Caution signs warn of dangers on or close to the track. You are expected to reduce your speed and approach with caution.

1.14. Hazard signs:

Hazard signs warn of extremely dangerous situations. You are expected to drive most attentive, significantly reduce your speed and be prepared for a full stop.

1.15. Visual sirens:

Visual sirens indicate cops are in pursuit of a suspect. You are expected to reduce your speed and approach with caution.

1.16. Traffic stop:

The traffic-stop sign indicates a stationary cop currently dealing with a suspect. You are expected to reduce your speed and pass the scene with caution, both cop and suspect may suddenly depart with no prior indication.

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2. --- Civilian Cars ---

2.1. Do not harass police officers.

- Do not donut or drift around stationary cops.
- If a cop asks you to move away, do so and leave them to do their job.
- Do not block parked cops. They may need to drive off quickly.
- Do not attempt to disable speed traps

2.2. Use a neutral skin.

Do not use any skin that is similar to or suggestive of being a police or tow skin.

2.3. Strobe/Flashing lights must not be used by civilians.

They are reserved for use by Emergency and Recovery vehicles.

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3. --- Cars being chased ---

3.1. Do not leave the chase.

Do not jump back to pits (shift+p), go into spectator mode (shift+s) or leave the server. Regular pit stops to repair your car are allowed.

3.2. Try as much as possible to stay on the correct side of the road.

Being in a chase is no excuse for hitting other cars, and will be treated like ramming.

3.3. If the InSim states that you are busted, you are arrested. Wait for instructions from the cop(s) involved.

3.4. Out of bounds/Leaving track limits in a chase

If your car goes out of bounds, you must return to the track immediately, without gaining advantage. If you're stuck outside, you are expected to go to spec-mode (shift+s) or pits(shift+p) to trigger the Insim-autobust-sequence.

3.5. If you are in a rented car, and you run out of money, you are arrested.

3.8. Fines

Don't argue with cops about the fine. If you think the fine is unfair, post a refund request on the forum along with a replay. Also, consider a report against the cop if he/she consequently issues wrong fines and/or behaves incorrectly.

3.9. Taking chases into or behind the garages in the main pit-lane is forbidden.

3.10. Force

You are permitted to use minor force/physical contact to evade arrest, but no more than the force cops are permitted to use on you. See 5.4.
You are permitted to use the force necessary (including moderate rams) to break through a roadblock. Avoid damaging the cops as far as possible. Using unreasonable or excessive force (like running flat out intentionally in the roadblock) is forbidden.

3.11. Stunts & Stunt Areas

- Participating in stunt events is not allowed (e.g. climbing on fun structures). However, you may pass through the designated stunt areas.
- Doing stunts to gain advantage in chase is forbidden. (e.g. jumping over fences/walls/barriers).

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4. --- Police ---

4.1. Proper behaviour

Cops are expected to behave and act like cops. No donuts, burnouts, drifting, ramming, tailgating etc.

4.2. Road Laws

Cops must obey road laws when not in a chase.
Breaking road laws will be tolerated for short periods if it's necessary to get speeding evidence (!laser) or to initiate a chase, provided it is done with all due care and remains within a reasonable relation to the pursued offence.

4.3. Name Tag

Cops must carry the tag "[COP]" in their name. It must all be in one colour and not black.

4.3.1. Special name tags

"[HwA]" (Highways Agency) and "[VCU]" (Vehicle Crime Unit) are special tags and reserved for [TC] members. They have similar rights as cops.

4.4. Skins

Police must use a skin that easily identifies the car as a police car.
Skins must comply with the TC police skin regulations. Click here for details

4.5. Roadblocks

Cops may set up roadblocks to stop a suspect. Randomly placed roadblocks are forbidden. The car(s) forming a roadblock must not move after it is in view of the suspect.
Cops participating in the chase may request cops who are outside the chase to set up roadblocks. The outside cops may not participate in any way other than setting up the roadblock. (ie they must not help to box the suspect)

4.6. Parking

Cops are not allowed to fine other users for improper parking immediately. The cop must first ask the driver to move along. If a user fails to respond or move, a parking fine may issued once.

4.8. Strobe/Flashing lights must not be used under normal driving conditions.

4.9. Fines

Cops may issue fines according to the official fine-list (Click here to open). A cop may only initiate a chase for offenses he has actually witnessed from his car, except where laser evidence is available. Fines for speeding require at least one cop to provide a proper speed measurement (!laser / !showlaser).

4.9.1. Variable Fines

Some offences can be charged with variable fines (low/med/high). When selecting a variable fine, all of the following factors must be taken into consideration:
 - Severity of the violation
 - Duration of the violation
 - Repetition of the violation
Note: If the offence is "Failing to Stop", the Duration of the chase is already automatically accounted for. In this case, you should take into account only Severity and Repetition of other violations during the chase.

4.10. Responding to an SOS-call

When responding to an SOS-call...

4.10.1. Cops may break the road-laws if safe to do so, but not excessively or recklessly, providing no other players are endangered. Rule 4.1 still applies

4.10.2. Cops cannot be chased or fined by other cops

4.10.3. Cops do not have priority over other traffic

4.10.4. Flashing lights must be used (see rule 5.6)

4.10.5. An audible siren (slow or fast) should be used when responding to an SOS call, especially when close to other players. A "bullhorn” (horn 4) or a "piercer" siren (horn 5) may be used for short periods and only in exceptionally dangerous circumstances.

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5. --- Police in Chase ---

5.1. Road Laws

Cops may break road laws only in case of a chase or joining a chase. Be sure not to put other players in danger. Try to drive on the correct side - only go on the wrong side when necessary.

5.2. Sirens

Cops must use visual sirens (!siren+/-) at all times when in chase. Note: the visual siren is automatically enabled when the !chase command is used.
An audible siren (slow or fast) must be used when other vehicles are near. A "bullhorn” (horn 4) or a "piercer" siren (horn 5) may be used for short periods and only in exceptionally dangerous circumstances.

5.3. Use of Force

Force may only be used if the suspect has failed to stop. The InSim will state when the suspect has failed to stop (after approx 45 seconds)

5.4. Force / Physical Contact

Any force used must be calculated and tactical. The direct impact of intentional contact should cause very minor or ideally no damage to either car. Ramming is forbidden.

5.5. Rejoining Chases

You can not re-join a chase you have already been a part of.

5.6. Flashing lights must be used when in a chase.

As a minimum, you must use either flashing headlights (3 key) if possible, or hazard lights (9 key) and headlights (3 key) if you do not have a third party program.

5.6.1. Indicators:

Avoid using indicators (7, 8 keys) as part of a strobe pattern as it can be confusing to other players.

5.6.2. Flashing Frequency:

Avoid using flashing frequencies of greater than 2Hz. Faster frequencies do not show up well to others in multiplayer.

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6. --- Pitlane ---

6.1. Drive sensibly and predictably in pit-lane.

Do not do doughnuts, burnouts, drifts or other stunts.

6.2. Do not block the pit-lane, do not park on the driving path.

6.3. Do not drive over the stopping zones.

You may crash into players leaving their garages. Use the driving-lane instead.

6.4. Do not drive or park in other people's garages.

You might block their spawn point.

6.5. One-way pit-lanes

Some pit-lanes are one way (see section 10). Please note that this includes the connecting roads.

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7. --- Tow Cars ---

7.1. Name Tag

Tow cars must use "[TOW]" in their name to be identified as tow cars. The tag must be in one colour and not black.

7.2. Status

Tow cars are equal to civilian cars and can be chased.

7.3. Skin

Tow cars must wear a skin which clearly identifies the car as a tow car.
Note: Yellow/Black battenburg is reserved for HwA vehicles and must not be used by TOWs.
Note: If you have doubts as to whether your skin qualifies please approach a TC member or post it in the Skin Approval sub-forum.

7.5. Payment

If a tow car requests a payment, it must be declared and agreed upon prior to the action.

7.6. Strobe/Flashing lights may only be used when on scene.

Do not use when driving to an incident.

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8. --- Warning Signs ---

Warning signs are available to tow- and police-cars.

8.1. Caution sign (!caution+/-)

The caution sign must only be used if there is an actual danger to road traffic. (ie towing actions which may endanger approaching cars) Standing on the grass does not necessarily create a danger, unless it's in a blind turn.

8.2. Hazard sign (!hazard+/-)

The hazard sign must only be used under extremely dangerous circumstances where approaching cars are most likely to crash. (ie partially or completely blocked road) In that case, safeguarding the scene of accident has priority over towing. Therefore, the hazard-sign can only be activated on stationary cars.

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9. --- [TC] ---

9.1. Do not argue with the [TC] members.

If you get a punishment, you very likely broke a server rule. Obey the [TC] members' orders. We are not here to ruin the fun, but to keep everything in order and safe. If a [TC] member tells you to stop doing something, do so.
If you feel unfairly treated, you can post on the forum with an unban request or ask for an explanation.

9.2. Respect the [TC] members.

Remember they are here to help you have a fun time on LFS as volunteers.
They use their own spare time to run the servers and forum, and they at least deserve to be respected by other players.

9.3. The [TC] tag is for use of the [TC] members only.

Do not use this tag unless you are in the [TC] team (see team-list). This includes its use on skins.

9.4. Do not reveal an undercover [TC] member.

[TC] admins sometimes use fake names to observe the gameplay or specific troublemakers anonymously. Do not unveil their cover; use !tc chat or !pm to communicate.

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10. --- Individual Server Rules ---

10.0.1. Do Not drive on the wrong side of the Autobahn

Driving wrong way on Autobahn sections is strictly forbidden, even during chases.
If you find yourself on the wrong side of the Autobahn while being chased, you are expected to turn around, slow down and wait for the cops to catch up. You must not gain an advantage.
Autobahn sections' names will contain the word "Autobahn" or "A.Bahn".

Exceptions to rule 10.0.1:

1. Cops in chase may drive on the wrong side of the Autobahn for short distances if no alternative route is available without losing the chase, provided it is safe to do so.
2. Users towing a vehicle on the Autobahn are permitted to drive on the wrong side for short distances if that is the safest and most efficient solution.

10.0.2. Avoid stopping on the Autobahn where possible.

10.1. Kyoto (KY*)

10.1.3. Allowable stunt areas: Unused pits

10.2. Montana (AS*)

10.2.1. Pit-lane is one-way. Turn right out of the garage.

10.2.2. Allowable stunt areas: Simon's Way (Inside, off the road), Drifter's Corner (Outside, off the road)

10.2.3. Driving on the tyre wall around SafeZone 3 (Highway 2) is not considered out of bounds.

10.3. Sydney (SO*)

10.3.1. Pit-lane is one-way. Turn left out of the garage.

10.3.2. Allowable stunt areas: Station Boulevard (Park & Ride)

10.3.3. This environment has left-hand traffic.

10.5. Jamaica (FE*)

10.5.1. Allowable stunt areas: Safezone 2, The Villa

10.6. Weston Park(WE1)

10.6.1. Allowable stunt areas: All empty carparks with no spawn points in them.

10.6.2. The race-track/Expressway is one-way, except for the infield/National section.

Obey indication signs and markings. You may reverse for short distances, provided it is safe to do so.

10.6.3. This environment has left-hand traffic.

10.7. Corby(RO1X)

10.7.1. Allowable stunt areas: Wet Grip Area, Paddock

10.7.2. This environment has left-hand traffic.

10.8. Blackwood(BL1X)

10.8.1. Allowable stunt areas: Blackwood Car Park, Storage Yard, Paddock

10.8.2. This environment has left-hand traffic.

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11. --- Medic/Rescue(Med/Res) Rules ---

11.1 Proper Behaviour

Med/Res must drive with care and attention at all times.
They are expected to behave in a professional manner. No donuts, burnouts, drifting, ramming, tailgating etc.

11.2 Road Laws

They are strongly encouraged to follow road laws, however this will not be enforced as strictly as for cops. If they fail to, they can be chased and fined by cops.
Repeated and/or excessive violations may be punished by admins.

11.3. Name Tag

Med/Res must carry the tag "[MED]" or "[RES]" in their name. It must all be in one colour and not black.

11.4. Skins

Med/Res must use a skin that easily identifies the car as a Medical/Ambulance or Fire & Rescue vehicle.
Note: If you have doubts as to whether your skin qualifies please approach a TC member or post it in the Skin Approval sub-forum.

11.5. Responding to a SOS-call

When responding to a SOS-call...

11.5.1. Med/Res may break the road-laws if safe to do so, but not excessively or recklessly, providing no other players are endangered. Rule 11.1 still applies

11.5.2. Med/Res cannot be chased or fined by cops

11.5.3. Med/Res do not have priority over other traffic

11.5.4. Flashing lights must be used (see rule 5.6)

11.5.5. An audible siren (slow or fast) should be used when responding to an SOS call, especially when close to other players. A "bullhorn” (horn 4) or a "piercer" siren (horn 5) may be used for short periods and only in exceptionally dangerous circumstances.

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Reporting Rule-Breakers and getting Help

There are several methods of reporting rule-breakers.

1. Contact an administrator in-game

You can write private messages to all administrators who are currently in-game by using the !tc command.

Example: "!tc need help here" or "!tc please spec driverx, he is crashing in pitlane"

2. In-game reports

You can report rule-breakers anonymously with the command !report.

You are able to use !report after a crash. The Insim-system will recognise the collision and offer you to file a report against that user by typing !report. You don't even need a username in this case, as Insim knows the last person you collided with. The collision detection will also offer you to compensate the other by typing !sorry. The system will determine a suggested amount of money based on the collision speed. This method is primarily to raise the mood of the other person, it does not legalise ramming or crashing. You may still receive a report or other punishments. As the system does not know whose fault the collision was, it's up to you to decide. You can do nothing (but you should acknowledge fault for a crash), or you can type !report or !sorry. The collision-pop-up will automatically disappear after 10 seconds. If you are involved in multiple collisions within a period of seconds, they will "stack" and will each last 10 seconds.

You are also able to !report <username>.

Warning: After typing the report command, you will be prompted with a clear dialog, and you must follow those instructions. Any abuse of this system will be punished harshly. Always make sure you are reporting the correct person. You should usually talk to the person before immediately filing a report.

These kind of reports will be shown in-game to all administrators and they will remain in the user's file within the URS (User Reporting System). The URS is [TC]'s system to store all information about users and to keep track of rule violations, punishments and so on. Because of this, reports may allow [TC] members to take more robust action on future occurrences. However, do not expect an immediate action by filing such a report.

3. Forum report

Forum reports are the most powerful handle against rule-breakers but also require the most input. To do this, submit a post on TC's forum in the "User Reporting" section. The report has to be conform with report template which can be found there also. This is just to ensure that all necessary information is present. Forum reports do also require you to show strong evidence like a replay or screenshots. Chat-logs are not necessary as we do have chat-logs already on our server and they are easier to search then going through a replay, for instance. Please be advised that all Insim-related messages and displays will not show up in replays. That's due to limitations of LFS.
All forum reports are processed by TC administrators and you will definitely get a response.
Link to the 'user reporting' section

4. Admin required?

Under circumstances that misbehaving players making the server unplayable you may do a post in the "TC Member Required"-thread on the forum.Several admins will get informed instantly and try to solve the problems as soon as possible. Usually within minutes.
Link to the 'TC-member required' section

5. Talk!

Sometimes, using the right words is the better and faster than all above.

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